On Airtravel

American Airline’s computerized self-checkin is pretty spectacular.

My flights to and from Boston were about an hour and a half each, I think. They served us a drink during the flight. It occurred to me that this single little drink is really pretty silly. I mean, how much is a can of coke? $0.25 if you buy it in bulk? And really, who gets excited about a freaking can of soda or cup of orange juice? I think the main motivation behind serving the drink is 1) to break the monopoly of the flight and 2) make the customers feel special because they’re being waited on (and the flight attendant is going to be there anyway, why not put him to work?).

Sunrise in an airplane is pretty awesome. Our plane took off from RDU just before sunrise. Raleigh looks pretty sweet from the sky at night. The sun started to come up just as our plane broke through the thin cloud line, at which point the dim Earth disappeared under a layer of bright puffy white clouds.

The Boston Logan airport really needs to work on their signage. They need prominant signs telling people where shit is. For example, the building housing the American Eagle ticket desks need signs telling you that the American Airlines ticket desk is in a building across the street. That’s right–same terminal, two different buildings with ticket desks. Genius. The signage at RDU is top notch.

“We have top men working on it now.”
“Top… men.”

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  1. arun_wright says:

    i think you meant “monotony” and not “monopoly.”

    where did you get that live underworld song from? do you have a whole album?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why does American Eagle have a ticket desk? What do they sell tickets to?

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