Your weekend should have been this good

We got back from a weekend+Friday trip to Summersville and The New River Gorge in West Virginia. It was spectacular. The weather was mid-50s at night and low 70s during the day, scattered clouds, and just a touch of rain. Pictures.

Summersville is picturesque. The area we spent most of our time was a thin strip of land between the cliff face and the river. Maybe 10′ between the rock and the water, scattered trees for shade, not too many bugs, not too much underbrush.

We mostly climbed 5.9s and 5.10s. All lead. Marc, Penny and I all switched off on the leading and cleaning. And Emily climbed a few for good measure. I’d definitely like to go back to this area. I should try to lead harder stuff.

I’ve had my contacts in since Thursday afternoon and they still feel pretty good.

I need some sort of photo software combination.

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