You attack the axe knight, excellent move!

I want to label some black 3ring notebooks by writing shizzel on the spine. So I goes lookround for sumpkinda pen, lika paint pen. I dernt find one til I lerks at OfficeMax. And even then I had to buy a 4 pack. I just wanted 1 stupid pen. Stupid–I’ve still got sand, in my shoes!–“bigger is better philosophy.”

Emily and I drank a mini bottle of vanilla vodka last Friday night. It was pretty fun. We drank that shit straight out of the bottle. I think it would be funny if I started taking those mini bottles to work and drinking them with my lunch. I could get a salad or something, and maybe a cookie. Then put my tray on the table and sit down. Then pull out a mini bottle of vodka and put it on my tray.

Climbing Sunday was good, and hard. Will definitely need to climb Hawaii Five-O more.

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2 Responses to You attack the axe knight, excellent move!

  1. Paint pens..

    You can buy single pens at craft stores… But I can’t tell you how I know that otherwise i’d have to kill you. ;)

  2. almost forgot..

    Axe Knight chants HURTMORE!

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