It’s ok to take advantage of mother nature …sometimes

North Carolinians, have you been enjoying this RIDICULOUSLY BADASS weather? I have.

Day Satur:
Yeastiddy Emily and I went to Wilmington to visit her parents and attend her friend Amy’s graduation partay. We ate lunch (impressive sandwiches) outside at her parent’s house. Then we took a little walk with Toro on the beach with and on a road near the beach. Then we went to the graduation partay which was out an outdoor picnic shelter at a park.

Day Sun:
Woke the hell up at 7:40 and went biking with Martin. It was pretty rockin’. (Keep in mind that this was somewhat-early Sunday morning, so traffic was light). We went through downtown a little bit –> Wake Forest Rd. –> Six Forks –> Strickland –> Ray –> Lake Lynn –> Leesville –> Millbrook –> Duraleigh –> Blue Ridge –> Edwards Mill –> Trinity –> Norwell –> Chapel Hill –> Trinity –> Blue Ridge –> art museum greenway –> Meredith College greenway –> Gorman –> Western –> Varsity –> Home. It ended up being about 38.5 miles. I had hoped to be able to ride between 60 and 70, but my family’s mother’s day extravaganza had been moved to “a lunch thing” instead of “an afternoon thing.”

After a quick shower, the Amazing Emily and I trotted off to my parents house for a pretty rockin’ lunch. We ate outside. After that, Emily and I went for a little walk with Toro on the greenway behind Emily’s place where she lives.

All in all, lots of outdoors =-)

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