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For example, right now I’m living in the year 2009

I went up in my attic again, and now I’ve got a plan. I think I should be able to run the coax cable for the HDTV antenna down through the hole where the duct for the fireplace smoke goes. … Continue reading

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Dandy Warhol’s mom!

I released Cobertura 1.4. So if you’re into Java programming, and you have JUnit tests, you should check it out, because it may just rock your world.

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Burning down fences with flame throwers!

I took Ferris and Will’s independant study class a while ago, Dr. St. Amant gave a little talk about human-computer interaction. Since then I’ve been all about some usability. I’ve read the Apple and Gnome user interface guides, and other … Continue reading

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I moved

I put pictures of my new place online, if you’re bored. Edit 1: Man, I just looked at the ranges of laptop batteries that have been recalled by Apple. It looks like it’s only, at most, 193 batteries. Going through … Continue reading

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Everytime you sneeze a dust mite gets its wings

I think a good way to determine if an album is totally rockin’! is whether you can listen to the thing all the way through. I’ve been listening to Yield again by Pearl Jam. You can definitely put that on … Continue reading

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“Do you want to make more money? Sure, we all do.”

These mix tapes ARE pretty good. I’ve only listened to a few.

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Release the hounds!

I guess the people who lived here previously took the shower curtain rod with them when they left. So I didn’t have one. I didn’t realize this until late last night. This morning I decided I could take a quick … Continue reading

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All moved in! Well, kind of.

I totally just re-lit my hot water heater without blowing myself up. Go me, and I’m glad I have a headlamp. Also, mad props to Arun, Andrew, Alex and Martin for help moving stuff. I’m tired–and so much more to … Continue reading

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