Release the hounds!

I guess the people who lived here previously took the shower curtain rod with them when they left. So I didn’t have one. I didn’t realize this until late last night. This morning I decided I could take a quick shower and try to deflect most of the water towards the wall. It worked fairly well, but the floor still got a little wet.

So I decided to soak up the water with toilet paper, which I then disposed of in the toilet. Bad idea, the toilet got clogged. “Oh well, I’ll take care of it later.”

So I get home today and think, “La di da, maybe the toilet fixed itself? It looks ok…” I then proceeded to do a test-flush. Bad idea. Whoever created toilets that are incapable of containing more than the normal water level + one-flush-load-of-water needs to be assassinated.

And this was quite a bit more water than from the shower. I soaked it up with a towel and wrung it out a few times in the shower. PITA. The good part is that I had just cleaned the hell out of the bathroom the night before. So the water was somewhat clean.

I think I’m going to put together my desk now.

Oh, and I just ate a chewey granola bar. So now, not only are my back, arms and legs sore–my jaw is sore.

Oompa loompa, doobalee doo, I’ve got another puzzle for you
Eating as much as an elephant eats

It’ll be cool to have bookshelves again. I can put all my Roald Dahl books on display, for the world to see!

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  1. modified says:

    The discussion of water and drying reminds me of my first day of class Freshman year. I woke up bright and early to grab a shower, after which I dried off with my brand new bright-blue towel. The towel proceeded to leave a light blue fuzz all over my body (lint because it hadn’t been washed?) So imagine me frantically wiping blue lint off my body with toliet paper so that I might make it to class not looking like a Smurf. Ah, college.

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