Toady I got to the 35th panel at the traverse wall before falling. Then I made it to the end, falling a few times and only skipping about 3 panels.

Then I rode around some. The new pedestrian bridge over I-440 is kinda bland. But there’s some cool looking art museumy stuff on the other side. I like the vines that have grown into little hut-like structures. Flying down Hillsborough St. at 30mph with the flow of traffic is exhilarating.

I rode through Centennial campus, and rode past a little birdie that was sitting in the road. Usually they fly away, and this one didn’t, so I turned around. It still didn’t fly away when I bent down next to it. So I picked it up, and it flapped a little bit and perched on my finger. And I carried it a little ways off into the grass and set it down. Hopefully it won’t get eaten by a snake. I like birds.

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  1. eliggy says:

    aww that’s so cute!

    i hope it’s not hurt. that was nice of you to stop and put it on the grass.

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