(I’d say there’s a 10% chance you’ll care about any of this.)

I set up MythTV over the weekend (for real this time). I ended up installing KUbuntu instead of Fedora Core. The Myth RPMs I was using weren’t working out. The KUbuntu packages are great. Installing the nvidia driver was CRAZY easy. Basically just “sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx” then “sudo nvidia-glx-config enable.” Installing ivtv wasn’t too bad. Installing lircd was not clear. I found many different sets of instructions, none of which worked. I ended up downloading the official lircd package and compiling it (which turned out to be pretty easy). I have a shoddy text file with many of my installation steps, if anyone wants it. Ultimately I’d like to clean it up and put it online somewhere.

I’m meeting with the inspector tomorrow at noon to walk through the townhouse I’ll be buying, assuming everything is copacetic. And my dad and I will probably decide what mortgage to go with. I’ll probably be switching to Nationwide insurance.

Also, looks like Tyler Hamilton won’t be racing in this year’s Tour de France because of drug accusations. Or a blood transfusion, or something.

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  1. That’s cool that you got MythTV working. Watch out for Zap2it though, they deployed a new version yesterday.

    How would I know? I’m not running MythTV.

    Very true, but I have 23 students complaining to me about how they can’t reliably get TV listings for their projects that are due on Friday. Ooh boy, it’s exciting =) .

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