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Oscar Protocol Specification: Family 0x0004


Family 0x0004 is used for messaging. As in, normal instant messages sent to other clients through the server. It's also used for various other things that are all basically one client talking to another client through the server. Examples of "various other things" are file transfer negotiation, direct IM negotiation, RTF messages, and old-style ICQ authorization.


This is all documented either by first hand packet captures or by tracing through libfaim.

0x0007 Server Receive an ICBM (Inter-Client Basic Message) 
0x0001 Server Family 0x0004 error message 
0x0014 Client Send or receive a mini typing notification message 
0x0006 Client Send an ICBM (Inter-Client Basic Message) 
0x000b Server A reply from a request you sent to another client? 

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