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Oscar Protocol Specification: Family 0x0004, Subtype 0x0014


WinAIM5 and MacAIM support a sort of mini typing notification (MTN) that does not require a direct connection. Basically, when you begin typing something you send a "begin typing" message, then a few seconds later you send a "text has been typed" message, then after you actually send the message, you send a "no more text has been typed" message. You also send the "no more text has been typed" message if you delete all the stuff you've typed.

Remote clients know that your client supports MTN because the server appends an empty type 0x000b TLV to all outgoing IMs. You tell the server you want this TLV appended when you send the 0x0004/0x0002 SNAC. Flags should be 0x0000 000b.

Why the freak do the send and receive SNACs have the same family and subtype? I have no idea. My only explaination is that the oscar people are required to eat Amanita muscaria while on the job.

Thanks to Arun and Andrew for letting me use their computers :-)

Source: Client

2 bytesFamily (0x0004)
2 bytesSubtype (0x0014)
2 bytesFlags
4 bytesSnac Request ID
8 bytesUnknown (all 0s)
2 bytesUnknown (0x0001). I'm guessing this means this contains data pertaining to mini typing notification.
1 byteLength L of the follow
L bytesThe screen name of the person who sent this ICBM.
2 bytesThe type of typing notification message.
  • 0x0000 - Typing finished
  • 0x0001 - Text typed
  • 0x0002 - Typing begun

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