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Net Neutrality, Netflix, and Comcast

Net neutrality is weird and complex. It’s been in the news increasingly more over the past few years. Let’s look at an example. Netflix recently started paying Comcast (info, more info) so that Comcast would provide customers with a better … Continue reading

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Should the NSA be allowed to scan our personal email?

It seems pretty likely that the NSA is operating a large-scale system called XKeyscore that captures and scans private Internet communications like email. Yesterday I talked about the constitutionality of such a system. Regardless of whether the NSA is allowed … Continue reading

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Violating the Fourth Amendment

I recently tweeted: “Hey why do @NSACareers and @BarackObama seem to think it’s ok to break the law and access my communications? I find that strange.” That’s a bold assertion, so I’m obliged to explain myself. The Fourth Amendment to … Continue reading

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Four Pidgin Summer of Code students

Pidgin was awarded four students for this year’s Google Summer of Code. It was a difficult process to select just four students from the 34 great applications we received. These are the projects we finally chose: Ankit Vani will be … Continue reading

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Students: Apply to Pidgin Google Summer of Code now!

The application period for applying to Google Summer of Code opened on Monday and we’ve already received a number of applications. The application period closes next Friday, May 3rd. Just 8 days left—don’t wait, submit your application soon!

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Pidgin in Google Summer of Code 2013

Google has accepted Pidgin into Google Summer of Code 2013. Woo-hoo! We’re looking forward to mentoring a few lucky students again this year. For more information, read Google’s announcement, peruse our application template, and see our list of project ideas. … Continue reading

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The Computer History Museum

The museum, in Mountain View, California, is a short 10 minute drive from us. We’ve lived in the Bay Area for 6 years and hadn’t been yet, so we decided it was time. It was a great way to spend … Continue reading

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Review of Android Devices

Edit: The first version of this post said the Nexus S battery life was bad. This was inaccurate. The battery life was only bad when an Exchange-based email account was added. Edit 2: Added disclaimer to bottom, and examples of … Continue reading

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