Moving update, two weeks in

Friday, March 1 was Emily and my last days at our respective jobs. We’re flying out April 9th, which gives us only five weeks to prepare and we have a long list of things to do. We’re two weeks in. Let’s recap what we’ve accomplished:

  • Interviewed listing agents for selling our San Mateo condo and signed with one. This was stressful and not something Emily or I enjoyed.
  • Researched and bought a laptop for me.
  • Ordered new glasses for me.
  • Returned some library books and checked out others.
  • Gave away lots of baby things that we no longer need.
  • Sold our bed frame. Emily has never liked it and it’s a good time to replace it.
  • Took our 2003 Toyota Corolla in for a recall service. This car has had 10 recalls, four of them are for airbags, and it only has two airbags.
  • Bought our plane tickets.
  • Wrote my last newsletter for our homeowners association (I was appointed to the board last year after the previous Secretary moved away).
  • Organized my homeowners association notes and handed off responsibilities to my replacement.
  • Did our taxes.
  • Mailed in a form to request a refund for money on one of our Clipper cards.
  • Straightened out some pre-tax transit funds shenanigans.
  • Went running (four times!)
  • Went climbing (twice!, though I climb once a week anyway, so nothing new here).
  • Averaged more than 7 hours of sleep a night.

One observation: Our kids are in daycare during the day and Emily and I initially felt weird being at home and not being responsible for them. We can do whatever we want without worrying about saddling the other person with kid duty.

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