We’re moving!

Friends! The time has come for Emily, Ruby, Edie, Toro and I to move back East! In April we’ll be selling our condo in San Mateo. We’ll be bouncing back and forth between Raleigh and Wilmington for a few months starting in mid-April while we figure out our next jobs and where we’ll be settling down long term.

Leaving our friends and family in the Bay Area is definitely the hardest part. We’ll miss you! We’re working through the end of February then taking all of March to pack and clean and plan and prepare. We’d love to see people before we go!

Why are we moving, you ask? A lot of little reasons that add up. We’d like our kids to see their grandparents more. We’d like a bigger house (two kids in our two bedroom condo is tight). We’d like a yard. We’d like to spend less time commuting. We’re hoping to spend less on daycare (currently about $40,000 a year).

Friends and family in NC: Looking forward to seeing you in a few months!

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