Two movie recommendations

Emily and I watched two movies recently that I thought were worth recommending.

The Accountant

Ben Affleck is an accountant and also a trained assassin. Rated R. It’s pretty violent and a lot of people get shot in the head, but I thought it wasn’t over the top gory. Emily wasn’t too turned off by it. Great pace. Interesting story. Some twists. Well-placed humor. Not a kids movie.

Netflix | IMDB

Spider-Man: Homecoming

I know, another Spider-Man reboot. It’s PG-13 and I assume middle and high school kids would love it. The action and story are fine. Interesting. Kinda quaint when compared to the planet-threatening aspects of some of the other recent Marvel movies. But that’s fine—kinda refreshing honestly. The best part is the lighthearted humor. The writing/acting/directing/editing really clicks. It’s playful and fun to watch.

Netflix | IMDB

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