Climbing at the Red River Gorge

I went on a climbing trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky a few weeks ago. While we were there Hurricane Sandy pummeled the east coast. Kentucky is far enough inland that we were safe, but it did cause our weather to be colder and rainier. There were a few days that didn’t get warmer than 45°F.

Bouldering in cold weather isn’t too bad because you’re not on the rock long enough for your hands to go numb, but route climbing is a different story. If it’s much colder than 50°F my hands go numb by the 2nd or 3rd bolt, then I overgrip everything.

My tick list

Wild, Yet Tasty, 5.12a
Gung Ho, 5.12b
Gold Rush, 5.11d
Chainsaw Massacre, 5.12a


I only took one picture, but here are two pictures of me taken by Gabe:
Me climbing at the Red River Gorge (maybe Gung Ho)
Me climbing Random Precision at the Red River Gorge

If you have access to the private event on Google+ (in other words, if one of us has shared the event to you) then you can view all the pictures.

Full List

This is the complete list of everything I got on.

Left Flank
Brother Stair, 5.9
Wild, Yet Tasty, 5.12a
Sex Farm, one hang, 5.12b

The Chocolate Factory
Loomp, 5.10c
Oompa, 5.10a
The Glass Elevator, 5.10d

Military Wall
Fuzzy Undercling, 5.11b
Gung Ho, one hang, 5.12b

Military Wall
Moonbeam, 5.9
Sunshine, 5.9+
In the Light, 5.10c

Left Flank
Infectious, two or three hangs, 5.12b

Military Wall
Fuzzy Undercling, 5.11b
Gung Ho, one hang, 5.12b
Gung Ho, 5.12b

Left Flank
Mercy, the Huff, many hangs, 5.12b

Muir Valley, Indy Wall
Annie The Annihilator, 5.10c
Makin’ Bacon, 5.10d
Mentor Powers, 5.11b

Muir Valley, The Sanctuary
Jesus Wept, three or four hangs, 5.12d

Lady Slipper – Emerald City
Ruby Slippers, 5.11a
Diamond in the Rough, 5.10c

The Gallery
Different Strokes, one hang, 5.11c
Random Precision, 5.11b
Gold Rush, 5.11d
A Brief History of Climb, 5.10b

The Motherload
Tuna Town, only to 4th bolt, 5.12d
Chainsaw Massacre, one hang, 5.12a
Chainsaw Massacre, 5.12a
Buff the Wood, two hangs, 5.12b

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