My Daily Routine

My weekday schedule has been very consistent since we got back from Japan and Bali:

  • 7:03am – Wake up, shower, brush teeth, drop Emily off at the train station, drive to work.
  • 8am – Arrive at work. I usually grab a bowl of cereal and a banana and eat at my desk. I usually also drink a glass of tea before lunch.
  • 11:45am – Eat lunch at an on-site cafe.
  • 4:40pm – Drive home.
  • 5pm – Feed and walk Toro.
  • 5:40pm – Eat a snack. Read news, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Maybe do a little work (Google or Pidgin).
  • 7:10pm – Leave to pick up Emily at the train station.
  • 7:30pm – Try to go to the climbing gym two nights a week. Otherwise: Dinner and TV for an hour or two. Laundry. Dishes. Maybe miscellaneous computer time.
  • 12pm – Sleep.
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One Response to My Daily Routine

  1. Alex says:

    Man, Emily works a lot more than you.

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