Pidgin Accepted to 2012 Summer of Code!

Good news, everyone! Google has accepted the Pidgin project‘s application to be a mentoring organization in this year’s Google Summer of Code. If you love programming and are looking for a chance to help an open source project, look no further.

How much can you accomplish in a single summer? Quite a lot. To give you an idea, here’s a list of some of our heftier projects of past years:

  • SSL certificate verification and management
  • Voice and video chat for XMPP
  • The Bonjour protocol plugin
  • The MySpace protocol plugin
  • The SIMPLE protocol plugin
  • Finch (command-line based IM client based on libpurple)


  • Get inspired by our ideas list. But don’t limit yourself to those ideas—we love when students propose their own projects.
  • The application period starts March 26 and ends April 6th (full timeline)
  • Once the application period opens, apply here
  • We’re guessing we’ll request slots for 3 students this year.
  • If IM isn’t your thing but you still want to participate, check out the list of other great organizations
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3 Responses to Pidgin Accepted to 2012 Summer of Code!

  1. Safto Rangen says:

    Maybe you could work on getting the VV working on Windows systems? I’ve read it’s related to some libraries unrelated to prpl.. so I guess it won’t be done by prpl devs?

  2. Daniel says:

    Here’s to hoping someone gives some love to finch!

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