Bike Trip – Complete!

I rode a total of 384.88 miles in 33 hours 8 minutes over 6 days. That’s an average speed of 11.62 mph. There are some low quality pictures on Flickr, with a little day-by-day commentary.

I camped the last two nights and met 10 or 12 other cyclists doing the same route as me (though most of them were going a lot further). I assume that means there are around 10 cyclists riding each leg of the Pacific coast on any given day during the peak months (spring and fall).

No flat tires and no major mechanical issues. One of the screws holding the cleat on my left shoe fell out somewhere along the way and I became unable to unclip because when I twisted my foot the cleat stayed stationary and only the shoe rotated. I was able to stop at a bike shop about 10 miles later and they put in a new screw.


  • Avenue of the Giants
  • Crossing the mountains from Leggett to the coast on highway 1, and the road south of there until about Inglenook (where traffic picked up)
  • Highway 1 from Tomales to Point Reyes Station
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