Tool to View DNS SRV Records for XMPP

I wrote a crummy tool that displays the current DNS SRV records for a given XMPP domain. After writing it I discovered that Olark has already created something similar.

My tool attempts to do some really basic sanity checks and warns if it sees problems. If you think of something that it should check for but currently does not, please let me know! And please let me know if you notice any problems or have other suggestions.

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4 Responses to Tool to View DNS SRV Records for XMPP

  1. Great! This looks much more convenient than remembering the dig invocations, let alone walking users through them on IRC.

  2. Elliott says:

    I tried and got a ton of warnings. I expect those shouldn’t be happening.

    • Mark Doliner says:

      Nope! Thanks for pointing that out. I’m looking into it now. Apparently Facebook returns a CNAME record when you query for their SRV records… I wonder if that’s valid? Seems like it wouldn’t be, because SRV responses have port numbers and CNAME responses do not.

      • Mark Doliner says:

        Ok, the warnings should be gone now. Facebook’s DNS SRV response definitely isn’t helpful… I’m not sure whether it’s invalid.

        Ideally my page would print a warning that not all XMPP clients will attempt to recursively lookup DNS SRV records for CNAME responses, but the php function I’m using doesn’t seem like it will allow me to do that correctly. I’ll probably just leave it as-is.

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