March and April We Hardly Knew Ye

I’ve been busy! With work, of course, but other stuff too.

During the first week of May I bicycled from Mountain View, CA to Los Angeles, CA with two fellow Meebo employees. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME. We mostly went down Highway 1, which is ungodly scenic.

It took us 7 days of riding. Between 50 and 105 miles per day. 470 miles total (67 miles per day on average). We stayed in cheap motels each night: in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Simeon, Grover Beach, Santa Barbara, Port Hueneme (near Oxnard!), and Manhattan Beach (just south of El Segundo!). Maybe 5-6 hours of riding per day? Each day went basically like this:

  • Wake up between 6:30 and 9
  • Eat a light breakfast (continental breakfast at the hotel, if they had it)
  • Bike for a bit, maybe stop and each lunch somewhere, or maybe make sandwiches, or maybe just eat Clif bars and what not
  • Arrive at our destination city
  • Find a hotel and shower
  • Eat until our bellies ca’ant take ehny mohrr food captain!

I had a fun time taking pictures with my cell phone and uploading them along the way. They’re all on Flickr:

Shaun also took some pictures and uploaded them to Flickr:

Fun Fact 1: The recent Death Cab for Cutie song “Bixby Canyon Bridge” is a reference to the Bixby Creek Arch Bridge near Big Sur. We rode our bikes over it, in style.

Fun Fact 2: Santa Barbara is a really nice city with really hoppin’ nightlife downtown.

Pro Tip: Matt bought this map from the Adventure Cycling Association before we left. We knew the basic idea of how to get there (“go south”), but the map gave us specific turn-by-turn directions. It was accurate, well made, and best of all took us off of busier roads onto some really great smaller roads that we probably would have bypassed otherwise.

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  1. amienowheels says:

    That’s awesome. Good job being awesome!

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