Team Locomotove T-Shirts

When I was climbing in NC, before I moved to CA, the group of us semi-jokingly referred to ourselves as “Team Locomotive.” Before a few of us moved out of the area, Penney made each of us an awesome team t-shirt. It was a solid red t-shirt with a black train engine cut out of iron-on fabric. The design was pretty cute and it got a lot of compliments.

Unfortunately the iron-on train engine on my shirt curled up around the edges and eventually peeled off. So I decided to make another one. I took a picture of Penney’s train engine with a digital camera and opened it in Inkscape, an Open Source vector graphics editor. I traced over the image and created an svg. So now I had an image that looked very much like Penney’s (perhaps even a little bit more playful, since the edges were smoothly rounded), and could scale to a large size.

Anyway, I uploaded the image to Zazzle, which is one of those web sites where you can have stuff printed like t-shirts and mugs. I created an account and made a shirt that looked like the one Penney had made. It turned out pretty well! One problem I’ve had is that the printing on the dark red shirt has faded quite a bit. I have a feeling the design would last better on a white shirt. Also, I’m not sure Zazzle still offers the same red shirt that I bought a while ago–they describe it as “Maroon,” and I don’t know what it looks like in real life. Ideally it would be NC State red.

Check out the gallery! Disclaimer: I get 10% of the cost of whatever you spend (I tried to turn it off but it won’t let me). You can also download either the raw svg or a converted png. I guess Penney and I share the copyright on those images, so please ask for permission before distributing them or using them in anything you distribute or sell.

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3 Responses to Team Locomotove T-Shirts

  1. whatsupdawgs says:

    My locomotive decal finally came off for good a couple days ago, so this is awesome. Good timing!

  2. pjmartin says:

    I’m getting me one! My train still just has curly edges, but it looks pretty raggedy. Oh but I do wish they had NC State red. Thanks Mark!

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