Wii Fit Supply and Demand

Emily and I have been loosely following the availability of the Wii Fit. It’s generally sold out in our local Best Buys, Circuit Citys and Game Stops. It’s often also sold out online at those same retailers, and at Amazon. However, there are always Wii Fits available on eBay. The retail price is $90, but the eBay price tends to be around $125.

It seems like what’s happening is:

  1. There is more demand than supply
  2. Enterprising individuals monitor retail stores closely and buy Wii Fits whenever they can
  3. Enterprising individuals sell Wii Fits on eBay and make a profit
  4. This is inconvenient for non-enterprising individuals
  5. Enterprising individuals are making money
  6. Nintendo is losing money

I’m not sure why Nintendo is so chronically unable to meet the demand for the Wii Fit (and for the Wii, remotes, nunchuks, Mario Kart, and many other games). I can understand wanting to keep up a high perceived demand. And I can understand not wanting a lot of inventory sitting on store shelves. But holy cow, they’re missing out on sales. I can’t imagine the high demand or low excess inventory really outweighs the lost business.

From a business standpoint they should

  1. Produce more and keep the price at $90
  2. Continue producing the same amount but increase the price
  3. Some combination of 1 and 2
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5 Responses to Wii Fit Supply and Demand

  1. We got one because Mike’s mom went to Target and, after finding none on the floor, asked a sales associate if they had any. She was told they had JUST gotten 2 in on their truck, and they weren’t on the floor yet, so they gave her one.


  2. terror_firma says:

    They’re probably slacking off because they know I already have one.

  3. Anonymous says:


    I used a Wii Fit for the first time at Christmas and played the hula hoop game. Oh my goodness i cannot tell you how much my calf muscles started to hurt. I definitely think it does provide some benefit and yes i think you can look like a pratt but most of all it’s great fun! Even now after it being around for a good year or so it is still impossible to find one! On my site http://www.freegadgetsontheweb.co.uk you can get one free but you will be waiting some time for it to arrive!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seems that demand for Wii Fit remains strong. It’s interesting to notice that people in UK are more interested in it than people in the US.

  5. monk3r says:

    Wii Fit

    I only recently got my Wii Fit and i am impressed. Fair enough the exercises are nothing new but they are effective and the Wii Fit does allow you to undersntad whether you are doing them correctly.

    What i love most is the fact that it tracks your progress, shows you how you are progressing over time and all from the comfort of your own living room! Superb piece of equipment!

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