Getting my Groove On

Emily and I hosted a sleepover-with-alcohol party yesterday. I almost called it an adult sleepover, but I think ‘adult’ anything generally implies something… else. Anyway, it was fun! We got rid of a good amount of the liquor from our wedding.

Last weekend Emily and I went camping in Eldorado National Forest. It was pretty rad. Our last day there we tried to do a 4-5 mile hike, but we messed up and accidentally did like 10 or 11 miles. We took lots of only mildly interesting pictures.

The week before that my brother was in town and we did a little bouldering in Yosemite and Bishop, and some sport at Clark’s Canyon. Those pictures are also only mildly interesting.

Emily and Toro and I watched season 1 of Weeds today. I thought it was a’ight. Not as laugh-out-loud funny as I thought it would be, and more dramatic. The story and characters are more complicated than I was expecting.

Also, making a scalable IM network is hard. I have a huge amount of respect for the architects of the AIM, Yahoo! MSN and QQ IM servers.

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