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Differences between Android and iPhone

I’m not very familiar with the iPhone or iPhone development, but here’s a comparison between the two: Android iPhone Programming Language Java. I believe it gets compiled to Java bytecode then run through an optimizer called Dalvik which makes the … Continue reading

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Winners of the Android contest

You can check out screenshots and descriptions of most of the winners of the first round of the first Android Developer Challenge at I so can’t wait to buy an Android phone. I hope they don’t suck.

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Meebo for Google’s Android Platform

Update 2: See my newer blog post. Update: We’re working hard to fix some bugs, and we’re currently hoping to release this on November 7th. Sorry to keep people waiting, we’re just EXTREMELY busy :-( On side note, if you’re … Continue reading

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Guitar Hero Wii disc recall part 2

I mentioned in a previous post that Activision is offering free replacement discs that are in stereo (the original discs are mono only, but advertised as being in stereo). Emily and I sent away for our disc and received it … Continue reading

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Westin Bonaventure Hotel in LA

Emily and I just finished watching In the Line of Fire (recorded a few weeks ago using MythTV). It’s a really solid movie–I recommend watching it if you’ve never seen it. We recognized that the hotel at the end of … Continue reading

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I don’t know what made me think of this

Remember Velcro Wall Jumping?

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More Social Networks

A while ago I listed some social networks where I exist. I’ve thought of a few more since then. I use all of these less than the other ones, but here goes: Flickr – A fantastic web site for posting … Continue reading

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HDTV Converter Box Coupons

Analog TV will stop being broadcast in the US on February 17th, 2009. The FCC has a program where you can get a coupon for a discount on an HDTV converter box that will let you receive HDTV and watch … Continue reading

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