Guitar Hero 3 Wii disc recall

Well, not a recall per se, but Activision is providing free replacement discs for anyone who has purchased the Wii version of Guitar Hero. Why? Because the game was advertised as supporting either stereo sound or surround sound, but in fact all sound output is mono. It doesn’t matter so much when you’re playing single player, but with two people I guess it’s nice if the sound for the person on the left comes out of the left speaker.

Stuff that’s cool about Guitar Hero 3 (and probably other, similar, games):

  • The singer’s mouth follows the vocals of the song.
  • The drummer’s drumming follows the drums of the song.
  • The guitar player’s strumming matches the song, but only as long as you play the right notes. If you stop playing he stops strumming.
  • The guitar for the Wii is wireless.
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