Headphones and speakers

The meebo office has slowly gotten louder over the past few months as we hire new people (I think we’re at 30 employees now!?). So a few months ago I decided that my old $30 Sony MDR-C160 headphones weren’t cutting the mustard and that I should invest in a better pair, since I use them so often.

I was a bit wary of noise canceling headphones. I’m not sure why. I found a pair of non-noise canceling headphones for $90 that supposedly does a good job of passively blocking out background noise–the Sennheiser HD280Pro. They are a definite improvement. My biggest complaint is that they press a little too tightly against the sides of my head, but I’ve gotten used to it and it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. I also wish the cord was straight and not coiled, but that’s pretty minor.

Listening to the new headphones made me realize how ridiculously happy I am with the speakers in my car. They’re 5 1/4″ components from Boston Acoustics (model RC520). I would absolutely buy them again.

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