What HAVE I been up to?

Emily wrote an amazing account of the past few weekends in her gournal. I’ll add just a few things:

The Marin Headlands is a great way to see San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge from afar. But make sure it’s not foggy when you go. There are bunches of pictures from when we went to Muir Woods and Sausalito. They’re probably only mildly exciting to you. I like this one a lot:
Emily in front of a coast redwood in Muir Woods

Guster is still fantastic in concert. I don’t listen to their albums as much as I used to, but seeing them live again was really awesome. They played “Two at a Time,” the hidden track off Keep It Together.

I’ll most likely be at Google’s Summer of Code mentor summit on Saturday, October 6th. If you’re going, look me up! Or give me a call! Or send me an electronic-m!

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  1. eliggy says:

    I have a question for you: guster is coming to bloomington on Oct. 2nd. Unfortunately, Regina Spektor is coming to Indy that same night, and I’m not sure who to go see. I’ve seen Guster twice, but don’t know their new album (only up until amsterdam), and I’ve never seen Regina. I’m trying to decide which to go to…

    did they play a lot of new stuff? i’ve only listened to the new album once and it didn’t strike me as anything great.

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