We Have Window Blinds From Venus

Emily and I went to a San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball game this past Sunday. It was enjoyable. Our seats were pretty rad: top of the lower level behind home plate, very close to the far right side of the press box. We ate soup in bread bowls, a big pretzel, and these ice cream things called Dibs that had 99% of our daily saturated fat. We also walked around the stadium and looked out at the kayakers in the bay. Barry Bonds didn’t hit a home run and the Giants didn’t even score a run… but we still had a good time.

We head to North Carolina this Friday night. Call me if you want to hang out! Emily and I want to see Super Bad. It stars George Michael from Arrested Development. It looks delightfully awkward.

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  1. songchilde says:

    Jordan and I are seeing that on Friday! It’s a shame we’ll probably just miss you. But you guys probably have other people you want to see while you are in town. :)

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