7-Eleven recently converted twelve of it’s stores to be “Kwik-E-Mart’s” to promote the upcoming Simpsons movie. There’s one about 4 miles away from us in Mountain View, and tonight Emily and I jiggered our way over there. We bought A Squishy, a pink donut with sprinkles, and two six packs of Buzz cola. The Squishy was just a Slurpee and the pink donut was a normal donut with pink frosting and sprinkles. We haven’t tried the Buzz cola yet. I think I’ll drink one and take the rest to work for other people. They were out of Krusty-O’s. Here’s the full list of Simpson’s inspired products. And here’s a bunch of pictures..

All in all it’s a pretty awesomely creative form of advertising.

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5 Responses to Kwik-E-Mart

  1. Anonymous says:

    if you find the krusty-os buy me a box

  2. songchilde says:

    They were giving away free Squishees last night, or at least most 7-Eleven’s were. Was the Kwik-E-Mart one not?

  3. Anonymous says:

    kwik e mart

    Whaaat, only seven!?!???!!!??? Dad

  4. Anonymous says:

    kwik e mart

    Whaaat, only twelve!?!???!!!??? Dad

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