“I’m not eating any ‘found cake.'”

These are my two favorite Penny Arcade strips:

I especially like Gabe’s expression in the last frame of the second strip.

I’ve been playing the game Military Madness a lot recently. It’s an old TurboGrafix-16 game. I’m quite enamored with it.

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4 Responses to “I’m not eating any ‘found cake.'”

  1. modified says:

    I once ate a piece of pizza that I found wrapped in tin foil and sitting in the middle of a snow-covered parking lot after a day of skiing. It was chicken BBQ… very tasty.

  2. modified says:

    Also, I tried to find my favorite PA comic… but an hour and 100’s of comics later, I realize I love them all.

  3. salchichatu says:


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