“No good, it’s full of steam!”

I updated The Songs of Summer with this summer’s song. It is Parenthesis by The Blow. That album is great.

I’ve started biking to work again. It’s 2.4 miles, which is perfect. Not enough time to sweat and long enough to jump start my day.

I got the “Myth Game” aspect of my MythTV computer running recently. So I can play Nintendo and Super Nintendo games, as well as some classic LucasArts and Sierra games like The Secret of Monkey Island and the Space Quest series. Myth Game is really the whole reason I got into the whole MythTV thing. Old video games are totally sweet.

That reminded me of a game we used to play on our Tandy 1000 (which was apparently like a 286) when I was a kid. The game was Ancient Art of War. I found it online and downloaded it and ran it for a minute or three… I have no idea how to play, so it’s hard to tell if it’s really bad or if it just seems that way. Anyway, that reminded me of the book The Art of War by Sun Tzu, and now I want to read it. I downloaded a copy from Project Gutenberg. It’s the 1910 translation… apparently there are better translations, but I think this one is good enough for me.

It’s late and Emily is asleep. Toro is curled up in some blankets on the couch next to me. I’ll carry him to bed with me later. Sometimes he goes to bed with Emily, but he lies on top of the covers until I get there, at which point he burrows under.

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