Sam Wo’s

Patrick is in town for a Cisco thing in San Jose. As usual I’ve been pretty busy with work, but last night Patrick and Emily and I managed to make it up to Sam Wo’s in San Francisco for a late dinner. This is the place that Conan talked about a lot when he was doing his show from SF. Patrick is a big Conan fan, and, well, you do the math.

It was pretty uneventful. The food was a’ight. Nothing to write home about (wait, I’m kind of “writing home” right now…), but it wasn’t bad. The service was equally average. But I guess now I feel like a part of history, and that’s always good.

You guys should check out this band The Blow. Their song “True Affection” was an iTunes song of the week or something a few months back. It’s grown on me quite a bit, and I just ordered their CD. Here’s hoping it’s good!

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