What you at?

I went over a month without posting nothing. Forshame! The past few weeks have been crazy busy. We’re working on this awesome thing at work that I can’t talk about but you’ll find out about it later but there’s a good chance you’ll just be like “oh, that’s kinda neat.”

Also, Gaim (the free and awesome instant messaging program that I help with) was renamed to Pidgin. The change was fueled by pressure from AOL. Along with the name change we’ve moved away from sourceforge to our own server, which is totally sweet because I don’t have a lot of love for sourceforge. We’ve also moved from using Subversion to using Monotone, which so far I hate. Why? Mostly I just don’t think there’s a strong enough need for a distributed version control system to justify the insane amount of added complexity.

Ooh ooh, also, we started an organization to be in control of Pidgin. It’s called Instant Messaging Freedom Corporation and I’m the vice president! We’ve filed for 501(c) non-profit status. The purpose is to have an entity responsible for development, and to shield developers from litigation and what not.

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  1. Mark Doliner says:

    Neato! Thanks for your support! I missed you on the radio today! I haven’t read up on the candidates, but Obama seems like my flavorite so far!

  2. cpandar says:

    like the new name. congrats on the organization…

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