Audio Encoding and Climbing Gyms

I ripped 12 CDs yesterday. I encoded them in the FLAC format instead of mp3. It’s a lossless audio compression format, so the files are a bit bigger than mp3s. The average comes out to about 330MB per album. With mp3s I was averaging about 100MB per album (that’s at 320Kb/s). The format seems to be pretty good. I definitely prefer their tagging system over id3v1 (which sucks)(id3v2 isn’t very widespread in Linux). I’m not sure how I’ll get stuff onto my iPod stuffle, though. Might have to do some transcoding.

Emily and Arun and I went to the Mission Cliffs climbing gym in San Francisco today. We’re not big fans. The first time I went there it seemed ok–it wasn’t too crowded and their routes seemed decent. Today it was way crowded and I don’t think there were many bouldering routes. I guess it’s not their fault that the gym isn’t big enough, but it’s pretty annoying.

Emily and Arun and Ben and Martin and I hung out last night at my place. It was swell, by golly.

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3 Responses to Audio Encoding and Climbing Gyms

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t you mean OUR place? … I mean, not you and ME, but you and Emily? Doesn’t she live there too??

    • Mark Doliner says:

      Eh. Since the sentence had already referred to “Emily and Arun and Ben and Martin and I” I thought it would be ambiguous if I said “our” when referring to Emily and I.

    • Oh man, I forgot that I was at Mike’s and not logged in as me. That was me being a smartass, not some random person who doesn’t love you. Because you know I do!

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