meebo is hiring!

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but meebo, the company I work for, is hiring! We’re looking for rad C/C++ developers. If you’ve contributed some stellar code to any large C or C++ project, and you know your way around C pretty well, then you’re qualified. We work a lot, but it’s a freaking awesome company to work for.

We’re also looking for a server admin. Someone familiar with running and maintaining a web server (lighttpd), mysql, writing scripts to clean up old files, adding stuff to cron, monitoring server load, mem usage and network bandwidth, and love for Linux.

And we’re always on the lookout for insane JavaScript people. If you’re comfortable parsing through the DOM, passing functions as parameters, and hacking together crazy browser tricks then you’re qualified.

There are some more formal job descriptions on the meebo jobs page. Send your resume to, and mention that you saw the posting on Mark Doliner’s blog.

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