Lots of stuff

Lots of stuff has happened the past month or so.

  • I flew back to NC for the last week of the year
  • Spent Christmas with Emily’s family and saw some of her relatives and what not, it was awesome
  • Went to our engagement party hosted by Emily’s parents, it was awesome
  • Went to MacKenzie’s new year’s party, it was awesome
  • Had a horrible series of flights on American Airlines on New Year’s Day. I was supposed to fly from RDU (Raleigh-Durham, NC) to DFW (Dallas, TX) to SJC (San Jose, CA), but I ended up flying from RDU to JFK (New York, New York) to LAX (Los Angelos, CA) to SJC. And even that wasn’t easy. I got airsick while landing at JFK–the plane was small, the weather was awful, and I was running on about 3 hours of sleep and little food. I was supposed to have a flight from JFK to SJC, but it was canceled before I even left RDU. And to get them to put me on another flight I had to go out of security to the main American Airlines terminal then go BACK through security. My cross-country flight was 3 flight-attendants short, didn’t have a free meal (not really surprising), the movie they played was some dumb version of Lassie and the audio quality was horrible anyway. I really feel like every plane that flies cross-country should have a TV screen in the headrest of the seat in front of you. Oh, and of course my checked luggage arrived a day after I did. I plan on avoiding American Airlines in the future.
  • Emily moved in with me, it was awesome. She also came by plane on New Year’s Day, but she was on a different airline
  • Arun and Ben drove across the country in a truck with their stuff and Emily’s, it was awesome
  • They arrived on Thursday and unloaded Emily’s stuff, then we all drove up to Oakland and unloaded Ben and Arun’s stuff. They live on the 14th floor, so we had to carry everything up 14 flights of stairs. I was tired, but it was a pretty good workout. No, just kidding, we used the elevator dummy.
  • meebo is good. I feel like I’ve been tying up a lot of little loose bugs the past two weeks
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4 Responses to Lots of stuff

  1. pjmartin says:

    Did Toro make it? Is he a California pimp?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Check out the new embedded version of Kool IM.


    • Mark Doliner says:

      For the record, the above post came from the IP address, which is registered to BuddyStream LLC, the people who make Kool IM.

      Apparently someone at Kool IM (my guess is Samer Bazzi) searches for blogs that mention meebo and then leaves comments suggesting that people try Kool IM. I (Mark Doliner, an employee of meebo) find this to be somewhat pitiful. I don’t endorse Kool IM in the slightest. In fact, I think it’s pretty bad.

      These are my personal opinions and should in no way be taken to represent the views of Meebo, Inc.

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