“Might as well call it ‘whitejack'”

I’ve never understood how something can moisturize better than water. I guess it’s just magic.

Have I mentioned that I’m in Raleigh/Cary this week? I went to my cousin Josh’s Bar Mitzvah last weekend in Charlotte. And next weekend I’m heading down to Charleston, SC for Tommy and Penney’s wedding. If Penney spelled her name “Penny” then both of their names would follow the same consonant-vowel sequence as my parents’ names (Polly and Jerry). OH WELL.

Later today I need to:

  • Go to an NC State Employee’s Credit Union branch – Did you know you can’t change your address over the phone?
  • Buy a pound of chicken and some dijon mustard so that Rachel, our private chef, can make dinner for us later
  • Pickup Emily from schoo
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3 Responses to “Might as well call it ‘whitejack'”

  1. Don’t get your consonant-vowel sequences in a bunch

  2. eliggy says:

    that wasn’t all you had to do this weekend =)

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