I Still Don’t Like Sushi

Well that was probably the most unique dining experience of my life. Mark Spencer (original Gaim author, original Asterisk author, and founder and president of Digium) sent out an email a few days ago asking if anyone was interested in a “West coast Gaim developer’s conference.” And by “conference” he meant “dinner.” Mark was in town for Foo Camp and for a VoIP conference.

I replied saying to count me in, and asked Christian Hammond (former Gaim author, author of some other cool open source stuff) if he was interested. He said yes. Christian lives in Palo Alto.

Mark chose a sushi place in downtown San Francisco. I’m not a big fish person, but I figured I could find something to eat. So I picked up Christian and we headed toward Blowfish Sushi in SF. We get to the restaurant around 8:15 after going through some heavy traffic.

We arrive to find Mark Spencer and four other people. We shake hands and say hi and what not. After a few minutes I asked, “So who are you guys, anyway?” One of the guys did business development for Digium. He was there with his son. The other two guys were Jay Adelson and Kevin Rose, the creators of digg. Digg is based on San Francisco.

Ha ha, these are my celebrities.

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3 Responses to I Still Don’t Like Sushi

  1. Anonymous says:

    Haha, that’s awesome! That’s probably the first time Kevin has gotten that question while in the bay area :)

  2. gdoliner says:

    so what did you eat? if there is a gourmet-ish food that you would like, I would think it would be sushi.

    • Mark Doliner says:

      Well, I tried smatterings of the sushi. Some tuni stuff, maybe a little squid. Some of it was cookied, some of it wasn’t. But I also had chicken dumplings. And lots of edamame (which, thankfully I had a few weeks earlier at meebo, and I learned that you’re not supposed to eat the pod).

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