I’m in Palo Alto now!

I’ll give more details later, but for now, thanks to Marc, Gabe, Alex, Lora, Martin and Todd for helping me move. And thanks to Emily for being the best human bean to ever exist ever.

And it’s official: local news is bad everywhere.

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3 Responses to I’m in Palo Alto now!

  1. amienowheels says:

    Breaking News Out of Shoreline, WA: Bear!

    Top news story, I’m fo’ real.

    Have fun in Paaalo Alto!

  2. modified says:

    In England, they don’t seem to have local new on the tellie (that’s TV I think) since the BBC (that’s also TV I think) manages it all. Thus, local news shenanigans get shifted to tabloid papers (note: tabloid refers to the size of the paper, not necessarily the content), which are totally local news-ified.

    Apparently, local concerns mostly include the general transformation of local business districts into take-away joints (that’s take-out I think). Apparently, this increasingly includes “American fried chicken” joints. Funny that I was sitting in one while reading the article.

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