Rental cars a go-go

San Francisco International Airport has 8 rental car companies operating out of their rental car center. Today I called all 8 of them to figure out which had the best price for what I wanted. Dollar turned out to be the cheapest. Not only that, their customer service people were the coolest by far:

Dollar Guy: “Would you like me to go ahead and book that?”
Me: “No, that’s ok, I’m going to check a few other places. But you guys are one of the lower ones so far.”
Dollar Guy: “That’s because we’re cool like that.”

All 8 companies allow people between the age of 21 and 25 to rent cars, but they all have a $25 a day surcharge (this doubles the price for Dollar (crazy!)). This may be different in states other than California.

The SFO website listed local (to San Francisco) phone numbers for all 8 companies, but to actually reserve a rental car they forward your call to their customer service center somewhere else in the world. The moral? Call the 1-800 number on the rental companies website instead of the local number.

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  1. Maybe you should hold off on traveling until I work at Enterprise and can rent cars at half price??

    • Mark Doliner says:

      Maybe you should mind your bees wax! No, but seriously folks, when do you start working at Enterprise? Are you going to rent a car every day JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN? You could rent a Viper and drive it around and stuff. 1334.

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