I took some pictures. Everyone loves pictures. Although these are pretty boring.

I find it pretty annoying that I have to log into Yahoo! webmail every time I go there. I’ve been logged into Gmail for like a week straight now and the world hasn’t come to an end. So what’s wrong with Yahoo!?

At a tea house in Palo Alto, 4 out of 6 laptops were Macs.

I saw Martin on Sunday night. That was cool. I didn’t know it was his birthday, though. Happy late birthday, Martin!

I didn’t get to see Christian Monday night. That was sad. Another time, though!

I paid for a $3 train ticket with a $20 bill. Bad idea. Now I have 17 Susan B. Anthonys/Sacejeweas.

“VC” can stand for “venture capitalist” or “Viet Cong.”

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2 Responses to Potpourri

  1. salchichatu says:

    Or Volume Capacity. I learned about that today.

  2. benllawson says:

    venerial chaffing?

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