New found land

I wonder what would happen if the world suddenly discovered a huge new continent somewhere? Or if a giant land mass suddenly formed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? Would random people move their hoping to start their own government and escape oppression? Would established countries send troops there to claim land? Would wars break out over land ownership disputes? Would we revert to our primitive selves like in Lord of the Flies? Will mankind eventually have to face these issues when colonizing other planets? Or the moon?

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  1. pjmartin says:

    I would only go there if it had rocks to climb. And then I would bring my troops with me to ward off any other jealous climbers so that me and my climbing peeps can have it all to ourselves. I would also make sure to bring El Rodeo, so that we can have instant gratification of chips and salsa when we’re ready to eat dinner after climbing all day.

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