Ah! My leg!

Here’s a note I found interesting:
“The U.S. sets high sugar prices to support its producers with the effect that many sugar consumers have switched to corn syrup (beverage manufacturers) or moved out of the country (candy makers).”

Seems like government intervention may have HURT sugar consumers more than helped them. I have no facts. I think that quote is from a wikipedia entry on sugar.

Also, it bothers me that IE calls their bookmarks “Favorites.” I mean what the hell? Do you think you’re too good for the word “Bookmark”? Why add pointless differentiation? Ass.

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2 Responses to Ah! My leg!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thus, soda/cola/pop doesn’t taste as good here in the States because the yuse corn syrup in everything. In Europe, it’s real sugar. Not that I drink the stuff…

  2. Yep, health wackos or environment wackos (I forget which) don’t like corn syrup either. It’s just the man trying to keep us down.

    Wait, maybe it was Alton Brown who didn’t like corn syrup.

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