Odin would be so disappointed

All day today I thought it was Wednesday. I wondered why no one had put their recycling out this morning (luckily I figured I just wasn’t “in the know” and decided not to put mine out, either). At work I was sad that they hadn’t refilled the M&Ms yet (I needed my chocolate). And when I saw Jordan and he told me that he was NOT on KNC today, I thought that he had lied to me because he had told me that he was on the air on Wednesdays. In fact, he had NOT lied to me, and today was TUESDAY, and I am a moron.

I’m really liking QEMU. I hope to deep-six the computer that currently contains 6 Linux distributions, upgrade my main box to something faster, and use that for building.

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  1. eliggy says:

    “deep-six” sounds dirty.


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