Fun stuff to do with a Sony Ericsson Cell Phone

I can’t guarrantee these work for ALL Sony Ericsson phones, but they work for my T616

To view your IMEI number: *#06#
This is the identification number of your SIM card. I think it’s how the cell phone towers know that you are who you are. Your phone number gets mapped to this number.

To check if a phone is locked: (left) * * (left)
An open padlock means it’s unlocked, a locked padlock means it’s locked. I’m not sure what MNC2 and MNC3 are.

To get to the service menu: (right) * (left) (left) * (left) *
There’s all kinds of crazy stuff in here, nothing really configurable, though. If you go to Service Info. then SIMlock it’ll show you similar information to the locked/unlocked menu from above. The number next to each padlock is the number of attempts you’ve made to unlock your phone. By default I have 5 attempts for each category.

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4 Responses to Fun stuff to do with a Sony Ericsson Cell Phone

  1. arun_wright says:

    that’s pretty fun! it works on my T630 as well.

    I think 5 might be a default number, I don’t know if it’s actually the number of attempts. Because my phone is unlocked in all categories, and still has the number 5 next to all of them. You say “by default” — what do you mean by this? All phones come with a default of 5 attempts already made? Why would my phone not show a bigger (or smaller) number, since it’s unlocked?

    • Mark Doliner says:

      Er, sorry, I think it counts down. Like, you’re allowed to make 5 attempts before it won’t let you any more. Although I found a webpage that hinted that there was a way around that, somehow.

  2. Anonymous says:


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  3. tisuser says:

    Nice article. I normally use the *#06# to find the imei number, & i used these procedure to unlock my mobile from unlocker Thanks for this information.

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