A Geek Moment

I noticed livejournal is using the new, mildly official, standard RSS feed icon when listing non-lj rss feeds that you’re subscribed to on people’s User Info pages. The icon is used in Firefox and the upcoming IE7. I also changed the Gaim webpage to use the icon a while back, as well as some web pages at work.

Speaking of work, I wrote a JUnit test that pulls down specific web pages and validates them as XHTML 1.0. It’s neat and geeky. Now I just need to either mock out a web server or deploy the war into Tomcat and run the test as part of the build…

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  1. TRINUG (.NET user’s group) is supposed to be having a TDD presentation thing next week. About integrating NAnt with other tools. It made me think of you, except for the whole .NET thing.

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