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Yeah, this whole PriceRitePhoto thing just pisses me off, so I’ve been searching around the internet for no real reason. This Better Business Bureau page lists a lot of good information. The “company” operates under a few different names:
A. Heffco Technologies Inc.
C&A Marketing
Dealz Net
D G Trading
Ideal Audio Video
Ideal Photo and Video
Let’s Go Digital or LGD Superstore
PriceRitePhoto or PricesRitePhoto

In addition to the 4 addresses listed in the BBB report, I think they use the addresses 1643 McDonald Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11223 and 108 Ryder Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230. These two addresses are basically across the street from each other (really, google map it!). They may also use 815 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11230 and 1502 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11229. Kings Highway is just a few streets away from Ryder Ave. Switchboard.com seems to think that A. Heffco Technologies is some sort of stock broker. And there is apparently a law office operating out of 1502 Kings Highway under the name “Sam M Heffez, Esq. and Robert Melamed, Esq.” (‘Heffez’ is very similar to ‘Heffco’). I think the law office’s phone number is (718) 375-5078. I haven’t seen any evidence that Robert Melamed plays any part in the dishonest companies.

A few websites list “Jack Heffner” as the owner of the companies, but I can’t find any information about him. Also, “Larry Heffez” was at one point listed as the contact person for hypeaudio.com with the address 717 Ave W, Brooklyn, NY 11223.

I found some pictures of their address: pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4 and pic5.

Sadly it looks like A. Heffco Technologies Inc. won two government contracts in 2003 for A/V supplies. And it looks like the Virginia state government may have purchased something from them, at one point, too.

And here are links to the resume of a guy named Bat G. Perera that does IT stuff for these despicable companies: older, middle and newer. The second one was submitted 5 days ago :-)

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