“You unselfish bastard”

Since the release of VMware player for free, I’ve wanted to try to use it to run different Linux distros from within one Linux distro for use when building Gaim RPMs for different versions of Mandriva, etc. I played around with it today. I’m not sure how comfortable I am installing it as root and having it put files in /etc/rc#.d, etc. I wanted to install it in my home directory to try it out and see how well it works, etc. I might just go back to what I was doing before (I have a computer with like, 5 different Linux distributions on it and I boot into them one at a time and do an rpmbuild --rebuild whatever.src.rpm).

How to be a good waiter

  • Bother the people at the table as little as possible
  • For drinks with free refills (usually water, soft drinks and tea in USA), refill drinks as needed every 5 minutes. Don’t ask if they want you to refill their drink–just do it. Refill the drink either by giving the person a new glass or by picking the glass up from the table and refilling it from a pitcher.
  • Walk by the table slowly no less than once every 10 minutes, in case someone wants to ask you something.
  • When giving people their food or drink, place it on the table in front of them–don’t hand it to them.
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  1. Word. Good waiter criteria.

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