State of Love and Trust

Marc and I Raleigh Rock Yarded it up tonight, and my arms are sore, it is FAANNNtastic.

I’ve filled out the review form for 2 of my 3 summer of code students so far: ICQ file transfer and Bonjour. Both of them did amazing stuff. Gaim’s AIM and ICQ file transfer is WAY better than it used to be. The next release of Gaim (possibly not for a few months) will support proxied file transfers (along with better behavior when NOT doing a proxied transfer). And we have a working Bonjour protocol plugin too (you know, Bonjour, done by Apple’s iChat, formerly called Rendezvous?)

I acquired 2 box tickets and a VIP parking pass to the 3 Doors Down concert tomorrow night for free from SAS, so EmilT and I are going. It should be fun.

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  1. ncdancgrl says:

    You guys are going to see Three Doors Down and I am going to see Marc Anthony & others. YAYYYYYYYYYYY for concerts!!

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