I’ve got an HDTV Tuner card on the way for my computer. It’s the new Airstar-HD5000 (replacing the Air2PC). I’ve managed to get ABC, CBS and FOX incredibly well. WB and UPN are still nowhere on the RADAR. I’m not quite sure what to do about that.

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  1. So does that mean that you’ll have it in your home-brew DVR and then go outlet to linux box to fancy TV?

    It’s funny that you capitalized RADAR.

    Can you expound on monkey?

    • Mark Doliner says:


      It’s an acronym and I’m a stickler :-)

      Eh, I was trying to think of how I felt and “monkey” came to mind and seemed to fit. I don’t remember why, but I don’t think it had anything to do with climbing.

  2. nikolasco says:

    As I recall, WB and UPN are both cable networks. As such, they aren’t covered by the 2002 mandate.

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